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Since I was a little girl, my dad has worked on my teeth. From braces and fillings to root canals, implants and invisalign. My dad has flawlessly completed all of my dental procedures. Today, i can attribute my smile to my dad's genes and his hard work. Thanks Dad! 



You can't underestimate what a difference a smile makes, and how a few small changes can change your perspective on a very important asset - your smile. The appearance of my front tooth (how dark it was and how out of line it was with the rest of my teeth) wasn't apparent to me until I realized what it could be, and now I can't believe the difference. When I look in the mirror now, I never think about my ugly yellow tooth; I only see my beautiful white teeth. And when I recently saw my first picture of my smile with a group of friends, the first thing I noticed was how beautiful my smile was - I even forwarded it on to family members to show them the results. I can honestly say that I have never in my adult life felt this way about my smile. It is now beautiful and attractive thanks to Dr. Belkin."

- Andrea Iraheta, Patient





I had this terrible fear of dentists before and can you imagine me having a root canal! Dr. Belkin took good care of me. I had three root canals on 3 of my teeth on the same day and he performed it smoothly without any pain. Thank You Dr. Belkin! You made me trust going to your office is painless and easy.

Bill Luce, Patient

Lab Corp of America

Divisional Safety Officer





I LOVE my new smile!

Linda Dick, Patient


– Thanks Linda, we do too! - Dr. Belkin & Staff






With dental implants I can eat anything I want to again.  Dr. Belkin was so gentle that I was surprised how easy the procedure actually was.  I have been very happy with the dental work I received and have experienced no problems since.


Margaret Barnett, Patient





As a businessman, I need to be confident when I smile. With the veneers that Dr. Belkin placed, I have that natural smile I always wanted and am very proud of.

Tim Fondy, Patient





"After my accident, I thought I would never smile again - thanks to Dr. Belkin I'm able to feel good about myself because of my new beautiful teeth."-

- Kathy Smith, Patient



I appreciate the friendliness and excellent service.

- Larry, Patient

Columbus Dentist, Contact Us, Practice Information, OH