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Replacement Implants

Jack was missing two lower front teeth. Following ortho treatment, 2 teeth were put on his retainer until he could get permanent replacements.

Implants and temporary crowns were placed in one visit allowing the patient to leave with 2 permanent teeth.

Implants need to heal 4-6 months after placement. Lifetime porcelain crowns were made and seated after healing process.


Teeth Whitening

In office Zoom Advanced teeth whitening. Whiten your smile up to seven shades lighter in 45 minutes.



This patient always had fillings that came off of his front teeth.  We gave him the perfect smile with six veneers.


Porcelain Crown

We changed this patients smile by changing the appearance of one tooth with an all porcelain crown!


Immediate Implant

On the same day that our patient came in with a tooth broken off at the gumline, we were able to place immediate implants and  temporary crowns in our office and gave him his smile back before he left.

Columbus Dentist, Contact Us, Practice Information, OH